Some Unusual & Unique New Emebellishments & 50% OFF

We picked up a bunch of new unique embellishments and trims this weekend, as well as adding some new button tags. We are still offering 50% off of your order, using code CLEAR2 at check-out, so this is a good time to get these one of a kind items and a price even lower than usual. PLUS U.S. SHOPPERS GET $5.99 SHIPPING!!!!

Here's a run-down of only SOME of the items that we have added so far (still going to add in some pearl centered yo-yo's and one of a kind TO DIE FOR vintage buttons that I'm sure you've never seen before).

So here we go -- we have these sequined flowers with pearl centers. These are beautifully hand crafted and each petal is bendable, so you can move and bend the petals up for more depth on your projects, or keep them flat. These are $2.25 plus 50% off --) HERE.

This is a collage of a few things ~ one is the sequined flower above, then there is this gorgeous ribbon flower doily on tulle (the hand crafted detail on this is not evident in this photo) and then we have some little white rose bouquets with blue centers. I love these for cards or little bouquets on layouts. They never overpower a project, which I appreciate.

Love the trims we picked out. My personal favorite is the first one, which is a white eyelet with a scalloped border. I always love eyelet because it is just clean, crisp and perfect for warmer weather projects. Plus ~ since it's white, it's easily alterable with mists if you need a splash of color.

The second beaded trim is a cream color and is all beaded. This is another photo that is not even close to giving this product the justice it deserves. Really pretty and detailed and VERY well made. I would guess that this product is used frequently on formal dresswear.

The third trim below is SO PERFECT for Spring, I think. You could use this on edging for your sewing projects, a purse or my personal favorite - your cards and scrapbook layouts. Again, I'm a sucker for white eyelet - fresh clean and perfect for warmer weather seasons.

The last product is a crochet venise trim. We only have this in 1 piece, so it's limited! It's about 4 iinches wide. Since CHA. I noticed that there are a lot of lace covered papers now available, so I thought this might be a nice twist to that idea (at half the price)Ok, my heart skips a beat whenever I see this. CHEVRON!!!!! CHEVRON!!!! CHEVRON!!!! Ahh, I just loved this so much when I saw it. I don't usually sell fabric, but hey, what the heck ~ I just imagined you all would see this and jump up and down like I did. It's such an amazing color combo too with the gray, yellow, cream and brown. Ahh, I just loved it!!! We actually have two other chevron fabrics with other color combinations, so be sure and check it out.

Ok, I am not always a fan of cutesy, silly and well, aliens or monsters, but AREN'T THESE STINKING CUTE?!!! My 8 year old daughter loved these and I actually had to give her one in every color and then my Son thought they were cool, so I had to give him some too. What we have left is what we added to the store. These would be SO SO CUTE in a mini book or scrapbook layout. They are vinyl and are stuffed and sewn up. They have little button eyes and little black sewn mouths ~ just super cute. We hope you think so too!
As you can see from the photo below, my daughter was even determined to to take photos of these little guys - see her little fingers? I kinda think she was trying to sneak one away too).
Button tags - I am addicted to these little things. I have so many little things in my store and SO many little treasures that I purchase all the time, it is a perfect way for me to present them to my creative customers. Can't wait to show you what I have coming up because I found a place this weekend that had me giddy when I was checking-out. Stuff was SO CUTE and SO PRETTY!!! I probably shouldn't be teasing you ~ just keep a heads up!
Ok, so we have more to come, but I wanted to show a little more detail than we do in our emails. Hope I gave you a little more insight into the quality and uniqueness to some of the things in our store.
Happy Sunday night and hope you have a great week!

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