Did you know . . . .

We have started a "Everything Photography" forum on the site? We have some INCREDIBLY talented photographers at A Million Memories and so we wanted to give them a place to talk about their work and also give us all tips.

Karenika and BeckyH1 have started Photo of the Day and Photo Tip of the Day . . . they have NO IDEA how thankful we are . . . I have been wanting to learn how to use my camera more effectively for YEARS and have not yet - so this is really really something that I am follwoing closely!

Photo of the day is also a place for you to come and put up your favorite photo(s) for us all to ooohhhhh and aaahhhh over!

So whether you are a beginner or an expert - there is something to learn or teach! Come visit!

I have posted some photos above of the photos from yesterday. . . . aren't they gorgeous? The theme was Nature!

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