A Mojo Room chat with Teresa Collins

Have a look here for some interesting answers from Teresa Collins to questions asked by Michelle about her "MOJO".

Teresa altered a clip board - here is what she had to say about it and here are som awesome pics too!

"*created for the MOJO ROOM- Noteworthy Clipboard- designed 9/1/2007
Photos above.....
Designed in less than 30 minutes today. I loved the photo of my friend Tammy’s little girl, Ashley. I was instantly inspired by the PINK in the photo. The photo inspired me to create a very girly girl clipboard- clipboard available at the .99 cent store…(cool clear frame that I altered and blinged up!!!!) I got out a few of my fave things and created a little something fun. I love the pink elements and the *feel* of the page. If you see the cool black A- that is my from my latest GLITTERZ line. I added the black Glitterz to go with the Whimsical Halloween line. I find I never limit myself- my style is consistent in that I love girl elements, hence the bling, I love simple but go for EYE CANDY. I love to add BLACK into my work- I painted around the edges of the clipboard, photo, etc. Also, I’m a huge fan of stamps. The perfect accent for easy journaling. *also, under the photo is a black file folder with hidden journaling. LOVE the added REAL ESTATE!!!!!

I also, really do not limit myself to what I can and cannot do- there is no rules! *okay- don’t tell my college professors this!!!!* So if you have any clipboards hanging around, maybe you’ll feel a little MOJO to create something too."

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