Online Chat with the gals of Scrapbook LifeStyle . . . . Come join in!

On September 14 at 6:00 p.m. PST we will be having an online chat with the fabulous Scrapbook LifeStyle gals! Please come join us - we are so excited!

Below is a little bio about each of the ladies. If you would like to know more about them, there is a link to each of their blogs at the end of their bios! Check 'em out!

A true veteran of the scrapbooking industry, Stephanie has made dozens of instructional videos and T.V. appearances in her years as a scrapbooker. You may have seen her recently on QVC or seen her work in one of the many publications that features her work.
Stephanie's blog

Newer to the scrapbooking industry, Angela has been with Scrapbook LifeStyle since it's pilot episode and has since taken on the role of Executive Editor of the show. When she's not planning the filming schedule, she's working on the show's blog or, of course, scrapbooking. She has had work in several scrapbooking magazines over the last 2 1/2 years.
Angela's Blog

With inspiration drawn from her formal training as an interior decorator, Pattye is a prolific scrapper. You may have seen her on a recent episode of "Design Star" on HGTV. Pattye also designs kits for an online kit club.
Pattye's Blog

Bridging the gap between scientist and artist, Leah has gained many fans in the scrapbooking community. A former Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame winner and a current editor of Scrapbooks Etc. magazine, and designer for several manufacturer design teams, Leah manages to juggle her busy schedule of mom, medicinal chemist AND scrapbooker.
Leah's Blog

As a professional photographer, Johanna's pages are known for the great photos as well as her innovative design style. Nicknamed "McGyver" by the Scrapbook LifeStyle cast, Johanna likes to keep her pages interesting by adding non-traditional supplies. Johanna is an original member of the Queen & Co design team and has been published in countless scrapbook magazines.
Johanna's Blog

The newest member of our cast (she joined during season #3), Wendy has brought her love of vibrant colors and her artistic disregard for design "rules" to our show. Wendy is a design team member for Queen and Co, Urban Lily as well as online sites and has been guest designer for several manufacturers as well.
Wendy's Blog

The only cast member tough enough to wear her famously adorable high heels as she walked CHA this winter, Melissa brings that same style and grace to her scrapbook pages. When Melissa isn't working full time, raising her family or participating in charity scrapping events, she can be found working on client's scrapbook albums as part of her second job as a professional scrapper.
Melissa's Blog

Drawing from her fine arts background, Mel frequently hand paints her own scrapbooking paper. She is owner of a scrapbook embellishment company and is mostly known on set for her dry sense of humor that has, on occasion, caused production delays while the crew composes themselves from laughing with her.
Mel's Blog

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