Happy Wednesday!

It is so fun seeing all of the layouts in the gallery with Creative Imaginations products! Keep the layouts coming for the contest. You have until June 30th to get yours completed and uploaded.

I'm working on a little project of my own with some Creative Imaginations products, including Samantha Walker's "Day by Day" collection. It is elegant, without being too fancy, if that makes sense. I'm loving working with it! You can see it and buy it in the AMM store. Here's a little sneak peek of my project:

I think it's always fun learning more about people, so I figured I'd tell you a few random things about me that you may or may not already know.

*If I could live anywhere, without concern about money or proximity to family, I'd probably choose Alaska. Although my home area in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a very close second.
*Almost all I drink is milk, water, and Mountain Dew, although not necessarily in that order. ;)
*I'm pretty shy and introverted, especially if I'm in a large group or until I get to know you.
*Hearing the Star Spangled Banner gives me chills almost every single time I hear it. Same goes for God Bless the USA.
*I am a list-maker.
*Putting bumper stickers or decals on vehicles seems rediculous to me, but I admit I am amused by many that I see.

That's enough about me. How about telling me some random things about you? I'd love to learn more about you!


cheryl mezzetti said...

Oh this is a beautiful book! Love how you used Samantha's Day by Day papers....a huge favorite of mine!
Love your work!

Anonymous said...

Your CI project is looking awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product.