I know we are all used to Photo of the Week (POTW), well I am going to show you my Photo Series of the Week. If you aren't too keen on things that slither across the ground you may want to abstain from looking. These photos are of my 2 year old inquisitive daughter. She was rather upset that she couldn't "hode it". I am so in love with the fact that my daughter is just like I was...what I fondly refer to as a "feminine tomboy".

This really was just a small little guy...nothing really to be afraid of, unless you are my husband! If you look closely you can see the tip of the tail, I made sure there wasn't a rattle there before I let her too close.

On the scrappy side of things...mark on your calendar for this Tuesday June 24th 9:00pm EST we will have our final Creative Imaginations online chat with the uber talented Christine Adolph! We hope you join us, we have had a lot of fun at the other ones!

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Lisa J. said...

OMG you and your daughter are really brave! There are poisonous snakes that aren't rattlers though. Egads! And baby snakes are more poisonous! I love that she isn't scared but I am scared enough for all of you! :)