We have a winner!!!

Edited to add: Kim if you could email us at michelle at amillionmemories dot com so we can mail you your prize, that would be great.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions about the blog. We have loved reading all of the comments. You ladies had a ton of great suggestions. We are looking forward to implementing them.

Thanks to the random number genterator the lucky winner was number 6, Kim! Congrats!!

Kim said...
I don't currently subscribe. I would cuz I love AMM! I didn't I guess because I didn't know you could add it that way. Usually I just go check out the blogs I want to see every few days or so. And I'm bummed if they haven't updated with a little something. I like to see activity on blogs, it keeps my creativity going. Doesn't have to be much, every time, but I'm a BIG FAN of photos in posts. Usually if I like the photo I'll keep reading. If it's too wordy and no photo (or photo way...down the page) you've probably lost me.

New products featured on blogs go a long way for me. It shows that the owners are excited about what they are doing and activity involved in their business. (I also like to see owners post on "other" mbs other than just their own) I think that scrapbooking should be one big community. It adds strength to the industry.

All the posting ideas a great. But I also like to see the "personal" side to it. It helps feel like we know them and we are all friends. (ok sappy moment over) DT features with "daily life" stuff helps people stay connected and realize that we're all basically the same and the same stuff happens. KWIM?

After all we are scrapping life right? We'll you asked! LOL! Ok..off to sub to your blog!

9:33 AM

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