Technique Tuesday by Tonya Dirk

Accordion Fold Flowers
You will need a piece of paper, a paper cutter, glue and something to score with

1) Cut a strip of paper. Note that the length of your strip will determine how tight your pleats are. The longer the tighter the pleats. The width of your strip will determine the width of your finished flower.

For example, the strip that I cut was approx. 8 inches long by one inch wide. The width of my flower is double the width of my strip. So, the flower ended up being 2 inches wide.

2) Score the entire length of the strip of paper. I chose to score according to spots in my paper where the pattern repeated. You may also chose to score at a set width. Note the the farther apart your score marks are the “higher” your pleats will be off of the layout/card. The score marks on this flower are about ¼ of an inch apart.3) Accordion fold your strip4) Manipulate strip into a circle and glue the two ends together.5) Once glue had dried apply a glob of glue on your layout/card where you want the final resting place of your flower to be. Take the flower sitting on it’s side like above and press the top edge in toward the center to “flatten” it out. It will be a pain and not want to stay in this position. Plop it down into the glob of glue and place something on top to hold it in place until the glue dries.I used a paper punch, you can kind of see the flower sticking out there.

6) After glue has dried remove your “paper weight” and decorate your flower. Be sure to share your creations in the Users Gallery!

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