Technique Tuesday - Mia Canzia

Hand Dyed Trims & Tags

Ever worked on a project and found out you didn’t have the right color of trim available? Or have you ever wanted a vintage look to your trim? Well, look no further as this technique should help you get the look & color you are after.

Cream/White Seam Binding
Cream/White Lace
Shipping Tags
A selection of your favorite Glimmer Mists
A bowl w/ water
A clothes hanger
NewspaperLay out some sheets of newspaper in your work area. Make sure you use several pages, as this is where we will lay our wet ribbon/lace.

Dip, the seam binding in your bowl of water to moisten the ribbon.Grab a bottle of your favorite Glimmer Mist color & shake.Place your wet seam binding on your newspaper.Spray Glimmer Mist over the seam binding, making sure to lay the ink on.Move the seam binding around to distribute the Glimmer Mist evenly. You will notice some parts have more mist than others, which is what you will want for that vintage look.Since there is some extra mist from that seam binding, why not kill two birds with one stone. Grab a shipping tag & dab your misted seam binding over the tag here & there to also give it a vintage look.Now, you will want to leave it to dry. You have two options, a) leave it on the paper to dry or b) hang the tags & seam binding on the hanger and leave to dry. I prefer the latter & usually leave them hanging in my bathroom, as shown below.You would repeat the same process for lace, as you would seam binding.

In the end, you will have your own stash of hand dyed “vintage” seam binding, lace & tags to use to your heart’s desire. Enjoy!

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Chris C said...

That is AWESOME Mia!!! I'm going to definitely try this.