Technique Tuesday - Rachel Hall's Custom Jewlery

Creating Custom Jewelry from Scrapbook Supplies

Supplies used:
Tim Holtz Fragments
Various Patterned Papers (use your scraps!)
Glossy Accents or similar product (ex: KI Gloo, Diamond Glaze, etc)
Exacto Blade
Drill with small drill bit *if you do not have access to a drill, there are fragments available that already have a hole in the top, perfect for a project like this!
Jump rings
any other various items you would like to include, beads, misc. scrapping embellies, clipart, etc

Choose your fragment you would like work with as well as the paper that you will be using. In the example I used a scrap from a piece of patterned paper found in our beautiful May kit!
Apply your adhesive. I used Glossy Accents from Ranger for mine. Apply liberally all over fragment.
Place fragment glue side down on your chosen paper. Press firmly to allow the glue to distribute everywhere and without bubbles. After I made sure that I had full coverage and no bubbles, I placed an item on top to place pressure and assure the fragment would not rise.
When the glue has dried (approx 15-20 minutes) carefully use your exacto blade to cut away the excess paper around the fragment.
Using a file or sandpaper, gently smooth away any rough edges along the back of the piece.
Use a drill to drill a small hole which will be used with a jump ring to hang your pendant from the cord. In my example I drilled 2 holes because I knew I wanted to dangle beads from the bottom.
Attach an extra embellishments that you are planning to use. You can dangle beads, use brads to attach hardware to the front or rubons on top of the fragment (just be sure to seal it if you use rubons!)
Attach a jump ring to the top hole you drilled and your pendant is ready to string up to wear! I added some beads to my cord for a fancier piece.
The wonderful thing about a project like this is that you can make so many in one sitting and just keep on moving along in steps! While I was making this one for this post, I also made one for my husband. The whole process took under an hour and I have unique pieces of jewelry! These make wonderful gifts for the special people in your life!


Lucy Edson said...

Fabulous, Rachel!! I have some of these and need to try this!!

Mia said...

This is amazing Rach!

Jamie the Smarty Pants said...

Very cool!!! What a great idea!!!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Oh that is AWESOME!!!

wendela said...

oooo thanks Rachel, this is amzing!