Little Something Sunday with Rachel Hall

Using Layout Leftovers to Create a Card

1.) Gather your leftovers. For this card I used Prima packaging, a piece of a flower that was leftover from using only a portion of it on another layout, scraps from two different layouts I'd done, buttons and bakers twine.

2.) Fold Prima packaging in half so that the side with the most print is on the inside. The front of the card should be free from any print.

3.) Using the Prima packaging, trace an insert for your card. Lay the packaging on your pattern paper and trace one end. Then slide it forward so that it covers what you just traced and complete tracing. Cut out your insert, cutting away pieces from each long straight side. Your insert will be approx. 1/4" smaller than the card on all sides.

4.) Fold insert in half and adhere to the inside of the card.

5.) Using your Prima packaging card again, trace a piece of the same patterned paper for the front of the card. This piece should also be approx. 1/4" smaller on the sides.

6.) Adhere piece you just cut to front of card.

7.) Add flower, and buttons and any sentiment to the outside if you wish.

8.) Using another scrap, cut one piece of paper that is 1.5"x5". Fold and adhere to inside of card.

9.) Add sentiment if you wish.

10.) Add bakers twine to center of front and back of card if you wish.

And voila! A perfect way to use up those leftovers to create a beautiful little card that is perfect to add to gifts or to give just because. The best part is that it didn't cost you a cent, it freed up space, and will surely make someone's day!
Thanks so much for sharing Rachel, what a great idea and super cute card!

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Daniƫlla said...

Simply great! Beautiful! Thanks for the tip.

Be blessed!