A Little Housekeeping & Some Instructions

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Did you know that each month the design team members put together instructions for their monthly kit projects? Sometimes it is a layout, a card, a technique, or it could be a whole finished project or home decor item. You can find all of the past instructions in this forum.

Here Susan shares with us her process for creating the layout below using the August kit. You'll also find these in the forum mentioned above.
"Because" by Susan Dupre

1. I first started by altering my photo in Photoshop. There is a section where you can “add a frame” to your photos. I picked one that I liked. Then I printed that on a transparency.

2. Once I did this, I placed my photo in the center of my 12 x 12 white cardstock.

3. I cut out my title from the Creative Imaginations paper in the August kit. I placed this above my photo before the next step.

4. Next I did something I NEVER do!! I got out my ruler and did some measuring! Ok, you guys can get off the floor now. Measurements may be different as it all depends on the size of your photo in the center. I measured so I would have equal sized squares. It allowed me to have a grid of four squares along the top and bottom and down each side.

5. I left my pencil lines from when I drew out the grid, and proceeded to sew along those lines. My setting on my sewing machine was at the smallest zigzag feature. However, you could try other settings as well.

6. Next I used my pencil and ruler to draw lines from corner to corner on each little square of paper. That is until I got “bored” of doing this! Remember, rulers and I, don’t get along. Ok, maybe I just got lazy, lol, but I figured I could keep a fairly straight line with the sewing machine. Thank goodness it was only around 3 inches. I can’t sew the straightest of lines!

Anyway, there you have it. It is actually easier than it sounds, and it is not that time consuming either. I can’t wait to see what you come up with when you try it too!

Thanks for sharing Susan!

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