Little Something Sunday with Rachel Hall

Recycling your Plastic Packaging
Chances are that you have thrown away your fair share of plastic clamshell packaging when finished using the product that came in it. Next time you start to send it flying for the trash, try and look at it in a new, fun and creative way! I love to use plastic clamshell packaging to create unique cards and holders for gifts. Today I will show you how to use your packaging to create a cute and fun gift card holder.

1.) Grab some scraps and your packaging.
2.) Use the original package insert as your template for the insert that you will make for your project and trace and cut it out.

3.) Decorate the insert as you will, keeping in mind that you will need to be able to close it. A good measure to remember is that paper layering works best, but if you want something larger like a button, to place it where the product in the packaging was.
4.) For fun I added a little bit of confetti to the packaging where the product would be.
5.) Add your insert and your gift card or other small gift.
6.) Tie a ribbon through the hole on top to keep packaging closed.
Thanks Rachel, that is so clever!


steph devlin said...

Fantastic Idea Rachel. when I think of all my packaging that just gets ditched .... Hmmmm....

Thanks xo
Steph xo

Deb said...

I always save my packaging for paint palattes or whatever, but I LOVE this idea. And, I have to ask what paper that is with the ads on it? Thanks.

Stephanie said...

How creative!!!