Design Team Challenge with Mia Caniza

Hi ladies! I came up with what I think would be a fun challenge for all of you.

Being scrappers we take a ton of photos, we download it into our hard drives, edit them in Photoshop & then often wait for that perfect layout or product to use with our photos. My challenge to you is to take a photo any time from now until the 28th & scrap it ASAP! Edit it all you want in Photoshop but the deal is you gotta scrap it right now!

I created my sample layout based on the fact that I was doing grocery shopping at the new place I found, which has a lot of the American brands I love, and I was able to finally find me some Crystal Light here in the Philippines. Before y'all think I'm crazy for doing a layout on Crystal Light, know that I LOVE this stuff & the last time I had any was like um 5 years ago when I was visiting Washington DC. So to say I'm thrilled is actually putting it lightly! Anyways, when I got home I took a picture of the box, did some creative editing in Photoshop & scrapped it. Here's the result:

To participate in Mia's challenge you need to upload your project to her thread and the gallery before midnight on the 28th. Good luck!

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