Technique Tuesday with Staci Taylor

Making Paper Flowers
I am going to show you how to make your own paper flowers today, as seen in my layout here

Mine were inspired by the gorgeous Prima Fairy Rings flowers that were in the October kit. You can make your flowers with as many layers as you'd like, but I made mine with two.
Step 1: Using a circle punch, punch two different sized circles (mine are 3 and 2 inches)

Step 2: Fold the first circle in half. Then fold it in half the opposite way. Lastly, folded it in half in between the two folds on one side, and again on the other side.
You should have 8 fold lines.

Step 3: Using a sharp pair of scissors, start in the center of the circle, and cut a short slit up each of the lines.
Step 4: Starting on one of the creases, fold your circle over just a bit, so that it makes a pleat.
Do this all the way around the circle.
You have now completed the first circle. Repeat these steps with the second circle, and layer the smaller one on top.
Add a large brad to the center and you are done! In my example, I also added a piece of tulle in between the circles, as well as some metal balls to glitz up my flower a bit. The possibilities are endless!


hannie said...

Thanks for sharing, a really good idea to have slit in the middle to fold up the flowers!

Leeann Pearce said...

yep i am going to make them..... love making stuff!!!! woohooo tha ks for sharing....

{pam} said...

sooooooo very cool!!!!! can't wait to try some of my own!!!

Danielle said...

what a cute idea! love those flowers!