Little Something Sunday with Stacy Cohen

Interactive Cards
Spring is officially here, and that means the flowers will be blooming soon. Here’s a fun little flower pot card that’s super easy to make:

The flower pot opens up, and the writing is inside:

Here is the template I used the make the flower pot:

How to:
1. Cut out flower pot using paperscrapz template: fold cardstock in half and place template with the top of the pot along the fold.

2. Adhere the flower pot to cardstock or use as a stand-alone flower pot (this will depend on what kind of flowers you’re going to add).
3. Add stems and flowers. I made my stems out of ribbon strips and I added three different types of flowers (one Prima and two handmade paper flowers).


TeenaBugg38 said...

Oh my gosh...such cuteness!!!

Manu said...

Beautiful!!! So cute!!! ♥

Shelley Haganman said...

What a fabulous card!

Julie Overby said...

Super cute! Love that trim...what company is that from?