Member Monday with Stacy Cohen

Yay for Mondays because that means we have a new Layout of the Week! This week's pick was chosen by Stacy Cohen. She chose the layout below by Carole Janson. Stacy said, "I absolutely adore this layout by Carole! It totally caught my eye in the AMM gallery, and when I took a closer look at it I was blown away by all the little details. I love the all the layers, the paper piecing, and of course the great stitching."

"Sweetie" by Carole Janson

Stacy caught up with Carole to do a little interview so read on to learn a little more about her.
1. What are your "must have" scrapbooking items? My Scissors, Foam Tape (Dimensional work), pattern paper, thread, and flowers.

2. How long does it take you to finish a page? Anywhere between 2 hours to who knows lol!! I get so caught up in my layouts, they can take awhile.

3. Name some scrapbookers who have inspired you? I love Stacy Cohen, Larissa Albarnez and Emma Trout, they are all so different and I love their use of color, and they use plenty of texture. Larissa Albarnez is someone that I have just discovered through "A Million Memories" and I am in awe.

4. What is your guilty pleasure? I would have to say chocolate. I absolutely love it!!

5. What is the oddest or most out-of-place item currently in your scrap room? I have an Eiffel Tower sitting in my scraproom that I scrapped, and I absolutely love it, but before I scrapped it, it use to look so strange because it was really quite awful.

Thanks so much Stacy and Carole. Be sure to leave Carole some love her on this post or on her layout in the gallery by clicking the layout title.


Carol said...

That is so cute! Love It!
Carol Sutton

Zarah said...

LOVELY stuff!

Kathy said...

What a totally adorable layout! I just love it!

Em said...

Hey thanks for the kind words Carole. I just love your work too :D x