Technique Tuesday with Larissa Albernaz

Fabric Necklace Tutorial

13 fabric 3" sized circles
embroidery floss
2 jump rings
waxed thread

1) Put aside 13 fabric circles (3" size).

2) Fold each one of them in half and stitch along the open seam.
3) Put two stitched circles together and give them a knot.

4) Keep on until you get 6 pairs of circles.

5) For the last one, you should leave only a half stitched circle.

6) To put them together, you’ll sew them with three beads in the way shown in the picture.

7) Now just add a clasp in your necklace. Make a hole in the last circles and add a jewelry ring in each end to which you should add on a pierced and waxed thread, with beaded trinkets on the ends.

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