Technique Tuesday with Staci Taylor

I am going to show you how to do handstitching to add a little something extra
on your layouts. There are many templates out there for handstitching, but I
prefer to make my own by simply making holes with my needles around the outside
of a shape (or a word).

As you can see here, I used a die-cut star paper as my template. I began by using my needle to poke holes around the entire star.
Next, to make a simple backstitch, I began by bringing the needle up (from the
backside) through hole A.
Then, I brought the needle back down into hole B.

The entire process started again with hole C. I next brought the needle up through hole C
and down hole A. I continued this process until the entire star was stitched.

I now had a neat stitched shape on my background paper, and I built my layout up
from there.

Hand stitching is not only easy to do, but it's a lot of fun and adds great detail to a layout or card!

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S said...

I love handstitching on layouts - really adds another dimension, doesn't it.