Little Something Sunday with Jennifer Longenecker

I love making shadow boxes from the Prima Hybrid candy box template. They are so quick and easy to make. Here's a box I made that would make a cute addition to our refrigerator.

You will need to trace, cut out and score the box onto heavy cardstock, size a photo to 2.75x4, and print and cut out a digital frame to fit the window of your box (or cut the window of your box to fit your frame). I used one of the Kitschy Digital Wood Grain Frames.

Glue your picture to the inside of the box opposite the window.

Glue your box together starting with the sides, then bottom, then top. I glued the tab to the back of the box. You can do the same or just cut it off.

Glue your frame to the face of the box making sure the sides of the window on the box match up with the sides of the window on the frame. If your frame is a little wider than the window of the box don't worry it will give you a cool 3-D effect like it did here.

Now embellish your box to your hearts content. I decided to add some fringed ribbon to mimic the grass...

...and I added a flower photo corner to soften things up a bit.

Now all you need to do is add a magnet to the back and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer, this is so adorable, great instructions.

Carole xx