Little Something Sunday with Larissa Albernaz

I love working with Styrofoam and making little sceneries that transport me to the time where my mother prepared all the decorations for my birthday parties. My projects turn into small ornaments and toys which my daughter has fun with and that, during the creative process, have for me the same power as a scrapbooking page. They take me go back in time and recall a time of enchantments!

1. To make this project I cut out a, at least, one inch (thickness) rectangular Styrofoam piece.

2. Next, I cut out all my ornamental elements from the paper used as base (grass) and the ones that would cover my house.

3. For this piece, you can use a birdhouse template to do the little house. All you have to do is print the template, trace it on the back of Crate Paper patterned paper, fold the dotted lines and glue them.
4. Line the Styrofoam with hot glue and assemble the little house.
5. For the dolls pole setting, just glue a piece of toothpick to the back of the paper, making a hole in the desired Styrofoam base area, decorating as you wish.

The finished product!!


Anonymous said...

Totally Inspiring Larissa, just gorgeous.

the cricutologist said...

What you've done for your child is priceless!!!

Claudia Ventura said...


Tati Mafessoni said...

just perfect!

M. Dworaczyk said...

Thisis totally AMAZING!! I love it.I bet your litle girl just loved it!!