Scrap Room Inspiration!

Today I wanted to share with you a little scrap space inspiration from design team member, Carole Janson. This room is incredible!

You can see the first photo has nothing in it. This is it finished just before I put all my scrappy goodness in lol !!

Here it is now full lol !! I am still pinching myself. It is finally finished. This is my work station, well that is what Mike calls it. I have everything open because I love to see everything, and I find I work better that way. I have an air conditioner, intercom, phone, TV on either side of the desk, and of course internet yipee, and yes it is all from a Shed. I get 1/4 of this huge shed that now occupies our big backyard. Mike was so wonderful. He has done so much work on this for me.

I had my gorgeous work station and my paper shelves made by a local cabinet maker here in Gladstone and his company name is KBL Installation. Darren has done a wonderful job. I just love it.

My ceiling is really really high in my scraproom, so there is plenty of air and light, just love it. As you can see, plenty of space to put all my boxes and projects.

My desk has two sides to it with the same things such as TV's, power and lighting, and internet. There is also enough room in my scraproom for a small table in the middle if needed.

Now here you can see my wonderful paper shelves. I just love them. They are unreal. I couldn't ask for anything better. Just above the shelves is my peg board, which holds all my products. I love it because I can see everything I own and what I need when making a project.

I love my cake stand it holds all my Bo Bunny Stuck Up tins, such as flowers, buttons and brads, just too cute, and because the tins have a magnetic back, they hold really well onto the cake stand, I also have a shelf/ribbon holder which is amazing and holds all my stamps, paints ribbons and some of my flowers.

Mike also tinted my windows to stop fading etc., of my products and projects. I hope you liked checking out my room. I am loving it lol !!


Sandy said...

I am speechless, as I went down the post my jaw dropped all the way to my desk!!! LOL I am so jealous!!!! How wonderful, it looks liek you have your own scrapbook store!!!!! I am going to show this to my carpenter!!!!! WONDERFUL, innovative storage! Any chance I could get some measurements of the wall cubbies???? THANK YOU for this post!

Tara Orr said...

drool! this looks more like a store - oh what I would do to have that space, organization, products!! Lucky bum!! Just gorgeous!

S said...

Wow, it does look like a retail establishment - can I come shop? That white background is a wonderful backdrop for all the colorful stuff you have. Wow!

lari scrap said...

OMG, Carole! It looks like a store! It´s amazing!!! Wow!!!!

hannie said...

Gosh!! Can I know how much would that cost and ya.. I need that measurement too like Sandy.
Sandy, come we make our own copy of this room!! Yay!!

milkcan said...

Wow! What an amazing space! Love it!

Kathleen said...

OMG!!! This is incredible!!! I love that pin up board!!!

{love is g00d} said...

Your room is amazing! I love your shelves that store your paper! Your are a LUCKY duck! Enjoy it!