Technique Tuesday with Tonya Dirk

Did you know the Design Team members put together instructions each month to help inspire you to use your kit. You can always find those kit instructions as well as lots of other free downloads and project instructions in the Freebies forum here. This is just one thing that makes A Million Memories unique from other kit clubs. The Design Team provides lots of free tutorials, classes, and project instructions.

Here is one example of a quick tutorial put together by Design Team Coordinator, Tonya Dirk. She used the July kit, but obviously this can be used with any of your supplies.

1) Start by cutting two strips of paper that are equal in width and length.

2) Ink the edges of the strips and cut one end on each strip to resemble a ribbon.

3) Fold each strip in half.

4) Curl the half of each strip opposite the end you cut to resemble a ribbon. Do this by rubbing a finger along the backside while gently folding the paper over your finger.

5) Fold the curled piece over, without creasing it, and then adhere the end the backside of the loop where they meet.

6) Do the same to both strips and this is what they should look like when you are done.

and the finished product...


Kay said...

Love this, Tonya!

Kathy Martin said...

How cool! If you don't have ribbon to match....make it! :)

La Vikinga said...



Kathleen said...

this is super adorable :)

Flávia said...

Muito lindo!!! Amei, very good!!!