Little Something Sunday with Jennifer Longenecker

A few years back I made a 411 (Information) album to keep in my purse. This album is most useful during the school year as it contains information on the kids teachers, their schedules, the school calendar, contact information for the school, etc. I also included Dr's numbers and other important information. My biggest problem with the album I made was that I didn't make it in a way that it can be used from one year to the next, so I decided to make a new one. I was inspired by the Hambly rub-ons and the owl just screamed back-to-school.

First I cut my Hambly rub-on sheet to fit the size of the album I was working with.

Then I rubbed each square onto white cardstock.

After that I cut out each square.

And added some color using water color paints.

Once it was all dry, I adhered each square in a grid pattern to the front of my newly painted album. I found that hot glue works the best for this.

Once each square was in place I gave them a wash and added a few embellishments.

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Janet Z said...

Very cute! Is it a regular binder size?