Little Something Sunday with Marie Ramirez

Ok I did a little reminder to keep my hope alive. Sometimes life gets you down and all we have is hope. Begin to hope. When new years comes for me I always hope the year will be filled with love, health and wealth.

1. Gather up supplies. I save all my little scraps and bits for small special projects like this.

* I don't use all the stuff I gather sometimes. It is nice to have bits to choose from.*

2. Start to layer your creation.

3. To make the cupcake liner flower all I did was fold and smoosh it down. Add a few layers of paper and a button to finish it off.

4. I love crepe paper streamers. They are super cheap and come in great colors. I do a running stitch with my sewing machine and pull the strings when I am done to create the ruffle.

5. I cut out a paper word bubble for my bird.

6.stamped my word.

7.Glue down my layers and viola. Sweet little reminder that no matter what happens you must always hold on to hope.

Hope you had a wonderful New Year!


Lisa said...

This is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

lizzyc said...

oh how very cute!! i hope you have had a great day!!!

Nicole Nowosad said...

cute and funky!