Scrap Space Solutions with Jennifer Longenecker

Hey all it's me again. It's my turn to share some more of my scrap space with you. I've spent a lot of time working in my scrap room this weekend getting it cleaned up and somewhat organized. I did take pictures of everything although most of the pictures turned out kind of crappy. Today I want to focus on my scrap desk. It is my favorite thing in my scrap room because I designed it and my daddy helped me build it. Take a look.

The top is made from reclaimed pallet boards, the legs are 4x4's and the brace is made from 2x4's. As you can see there's a spot where I can add a shelf to the bottom of the table if I ever need some more storage space. I still need to paint the legs of the table, but I'm going to leave the top as is. I may put a clear sealant on it though to protect the wood.

On my desk I have my Making Memories self healing mat, a 1940's colander to hold all my embroidery threads, a pic of my momma and daddy, my Making Memories carousel for my most used tools finally and my two paper trimmers. I want to find a wire basket that is wide enough to hold 12x12 sheets of paper so I can keep the contents of the most current A Million Memories kits close at hand but not strewn about my workspace.

The chair I found at an antique store. It's not an antique, but I loved the look of it and for $15 I couldn't pass it up. I spray painted it to match my other accents and then I carved out a heart and put hubby's and my initials inside and our wedding date beside the heart.


Marie aka bettiescrapbook said...

that is an awesome table!!! I so need one!

Scrapbooking Emmy said...

Your desk looks wonderful! So neat and organized and very inspiring! Makes me want to start that next scrapbooking project! I love the color scheme, and I also like that chair and the price is my kind of price!! Thanks for the organizing tips!!!!


Wow! I loved the table!

Donna in Louisiana said...

What a special memory, spending time with your Daddy. That is one of my favorite pasttimes also. Love the desk!!!

Anonymous said...

How tall is your table - I just love it and am thinking of duplicating one for me and one for my daughter - love that it can be any color and changed with a little paint at anytime!! Thanks for sharing