April Design Team Inspirations

Now that we've got the gallery back up and running and all of you are uploading so many fabulous creations it's time to see how all of you inspire our design team. For the month of April we chose this LO by Regi Thahira...

"Bisa" by Regi Thahira:

And here's how Regi inspired three of our designers...

"Happy" by Ro Philippsen

"The design of Regiane's page is gorgeous, so I put my layout on the same position. I also love the spray ink and the spatters wich I've done on my page. And finaly, I love envelope on layouts, than I used one on my page, similar to Regiane's layout."

"Keighley Train Station" by Jennifer Longenecker

"I was inspired by the overall design and bold colors that Regi chose. Since I was working with an 8x10 page I decided to focus on the design right around the photo in trying to mimic the area behind Regi's photo. Thanks so much for the inspiration!"

"P is for Phone" by Marie Ramirez
"I was inpsired by her use of sass, her layers and her misting. Awesome elements to this page."

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