Little Something Sunday with Marie Ramirez

Last week we focused on on clouds and rainbows so this week we're going to focus on flowers. You know the old adage, April showers bring May flowers. To get us started off Marie is going to show us how to make a tissue paper flower.

1. Cut a strip of tissue paper the length of the paper and width 4.5 inches fold in half long ways.

2. begin shredding paper with your scissors, start at the fold. I use my Martha scissors for this. I love them.

3. Roll flower long ways.

4. Adhere bottom of flower with glue.

5. Scrunch and pinch. Your flower is done.


Kathleen Blommestein said...

TFS! I have never seen those scissors before - will keep my eyes out for a pair!!

LolĂ´ Artesanato said...

Lovely flower!
tks for sharing

Rosangela "Ro" Philippsen said...

I love this flower, Marie! Thanks for sharing.