Little Something Sunday with Staci Taylor

Hey there AMM fans. Before we get to Staci's post I wanted to pop on real quick and say sorry about being MIA this last week. I needed a little time away for a week, but now I am back and ready to get this blog rocking again. Thanks for being patient with me.

When most people think of Spring, I think they often think of birds. Although birds can symbolize Spring, they don't have to be saved only to embellish Spring layouts. I'm going to show you several layouts in which I've incorporated birds into my theme.

On this layout, "Stay together", my journaling advises my two oldest to always stay close and lean on each other. I paired up two birds to symbolize not only my son and daughter "staying together", but I chose a larger and smaller bird to symbolize their relationship and mimic the protectiveness that my son has over my daughter.

On my "Beach baby me" layout, I created a little background scene to incorporate the outdoor/beach photo that my layout is centered around. After stitching a sun sticker, the bird was just the final little touch I needed to make me immediately feel the presence of the outdoors that I was going for.

My layout, "This is where it all began" tells the story of where and how I met my husband. I used the two birds facing each other to symbolize "love birds",and I strategically placed them in front of the picture of the row home where we both worked and met.

On my last example, I used the word "birds" in my title. Therefore, I incorporated a couple of birds into the layout to support the title - I used abird photo corner, and I also placed a bird sticker so that it looked like itwas flying towards my sub-title.

Birds are sweet and fun embellishments to use. Hopefully I've shown you that they can be used for many different layouts other than just Spring ones - there are a plethora of ways to use them! :-)

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Rosangela "Ro" Philippsen said...

Staci, I just LOVE your layouts!!