Creative Packaging with Rosette Fabric & Satin Wired Trim

Have you seen the rosette fabric that we have in stock at A Million Memories? I must confess that I first saw this fabric in passing when I was doing one of my monthly vintage runs for store product. I thought it was pretty but did not buy it. THEN, when watching one of my TV shows, I saw that someone had used the fuschia fabric on a box for their wedding invitations. It was so stunning that I immediately ran out and bought all the colors that they had left in stock, thinking that my creative customers (and blog followers) would see this and go crazy with their imagination.

This past weekend was my Mom's birthday, so I used the fabric to cover a paper mache box that I put a bracelet in. It was SO easy. I just cut out a piece of fabric - about 6 x 6 and then used Fabri-Tac glue to glue it all down. I cut off any excess pieces and covered the bottom and inside of the box with some coordinating paper (this was an old Rhonna Farrer design by Autumn Leaves).

Once it was covered, it still need a little something more, so I used some gray satin wired trim from the AMM store and tied a bow around it.

My Mom loved it! Packaging means so much in the presentation of a gift ~ if it's nice, it really makes the gift itself seem all the more special.

We still have some of the rosette fabric left in stock. We have fuscia, champagne and teal and all of these colors are fabulous for holiday type projects.

This is the satin trim that I used. We have peach, mint, gray and cream in stock.

I hope this has inspired you to try some creative packaging in your gift giving.

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