Party Pockets Tutorial with Michelle Philippi

My aunt hosted a little New Year’s Day get-together and I thought it’d be cool to take something fun for the occasion. After Christmas I think a lot of people are tapped out either on money or desire to head out to shop, so I rummaged around the house to see what I could find to make my festive packages.

I knew I wanted to go with black and white and gold and silver and steer clear of Christmas type. I found a leftover box of gold Christmas crackers, pulled out all the remaining silver Hershey candies, found some gold & silver toy coins in the party box as well as some leftover party horns, and I had some silver Airheads candies in the pantry.

I had some little black lunch bags and folded those up to create pockets, and stitched some fun tinsel ribbon trim from AMM, along with some other gold ribbon that I had.

And then I embellished them with pretty silver and gold baubles from AMM.

And then I decorated the front of the bag, filled them, and now we’re party ready!

Thanks for stopping by today – and Happy New Year!

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