Little Something Sunday with Rachel Hall

Summer Fun List Clipboard

Materials Needed:
Clipboard (I found mine cheap at Walmart)
Patterned Paper and Embellishments (I used the Echo Park Sweet Summertime Collection)
Strong Adhesive like Fabritac

1. Choose paper to cover clipboard and trace and cut.

2. Cut a space where the clip is... don't worry if it is perfect, you will be covering it up anyways.

3. Adhere paper to clipboard. There will be a small portion of the bottom of the clipboard that is uncovered.

4. Sand edges smooth if desired.

5. Cut four strips of patterned paper 1 1/2" wide and approximately 10" long. Scallop and distress edges.

6. Adhere strips down on bottom of clipboard overlapping them how you prefer. This will cover that bottom area of exposed clipboard.

7. Add some trim to the top of the area of overlapped strips if you like for a finished look.

8. Print out your summer to do list and cut how you prefer.

9. Mat your list on top of patterned paper of your choosing.

10. Clip to board. Adhere if you do not plan to change out your list.

11. Add your letters, embellishments, etc.

To cover the metal clip:

1. Cut a piece of patterned paper to 5 1/4"x 5".

2. Wrap the patterned paper around the clip, cutting where the hanging metal piece will stick out and around to the back of the clipboard. It will be held in place on the front by the clip and adhered using your adhesive on the back.

3. Go out and do all of the things on your list and enjoy your summer!!

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Kathy Martin said...

Back from vacation! :) What a wonderful colorful clip board! LOVE it! :)